Wiper dust seals

  • 50x58x5.8/8mm DHS wiper Seals
  • 50x58x5.8/8mm DHS wiper Seals
50x58x5.8/8mm DHS wiper Seals50x58x5.8/8mm DHS wiper Seals

50x58x5.8/8mm DHS wiper Seals

  • DHS wiper Seals
  • Hydraulic wiper seals
  • PU wiper seals
  • wiper Seals
  • Product description: Wiper Seals Dustproof seal is a rubber sealing ring used in vehicles, mechanical equipment, construction machinery to prevent the invasion of dust and dirt.
 Wiper Seals/Dust seal is very important for the protection of some hydraulic equipment. If there is some dust in the hydraulic equipment, not only the seals will be worn, but also the guide sleeve and piston rod will be worn seriously.

In addition, if these impurities enter into the hydraulic medium, it will also have a certain impact on the function of the operating valve and pump. If the situation is worse, many of these equipment may be damaged. After using the dust ring, the dust and sundries on the piston rod can be effectively removed, but the oil film on the piston rod will not be damaged, which is conducive to the lubrication of the seal.

Technical Data
Pressure:  400 bar
Temperature: -35  to +100
Speed:  0.5m/s
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)

Material: PU
Hardness: 93 2 Shore A
Color: Blue / Green