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Sponge Pad bottle caps gaskets

Sponge Pad bottle caps gaskets

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  • Product description: EVA gasket is suitable for lining of non food bottle caps. It can be used in many kinds of bottle caps, such as washing liquid bottle caps, electric water bottle caps, etc.

PE gasket is mainly used for wine, cosmetics and medical bottle caps. The sheet is made of PE material, and the finished product is snow white. It can be coated on both sides and on one side. Insert the suitable PE gasket (according to the size of the inner diameter of the bottle cap and the gap between the bottom of the bottle cap and the bottle mouth) into the bottle cap, then screw it on the bottle body and tighten it. PE gasket: suitable for sealing gasket in pump head and nozzle of all kinds of cosmetics and washing products

PS foam gaskets are suitable for all kinds of cream cosmetic bottle cap gaskets and all kinds of food bottle cap gaskets.

Pressure sensitive gasket can be used in glass bottles, various plastic bottles and hoses. There is no need to add any device when using. It has the advantages of simple process, low price, convenient use and good sealing performance. It is nontoxic and tasteless. It is suitable for the sealed packaging of medicine, food, cosmetics and some chemical products