• Food grade seals silicone gaskets
Food grade seals silicone gaskets

Food grade seals silicone gaskets

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  • Product description: Silicone gasket has a certain tension, flexibility, excellent insulation, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, environmental protec

Characteristics of silicone gasket:
High reliability
High compressibility, soft and elastic
Low thermal conductivity
Natural stickiness without additional surface adhesive
Meet the environmental requirements of RoHS, SGS and UL
A variety of colors, bright colors, can be customized shape.
The raw material is 100% food grade environmental silica gel.
Low carbon environmental protection, non-toxic and tasteless, soft, anti slip, shockproof, anti water seepage, heat insulation, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, easy to clean.
Durable, effective protection of furniture surface from scalding and scratching.
The temperature resistance range is - 40 ~ 230 ℃. Baking and freezing still keep soft without deformation.
Some silicone pads should meet the FDA food grade test standard: 21 CFR 177.2600.

Application of silicone gasket:
Filling between circuit board and heat sink
Filling between IC and heat sink or product shell
Filling between IC and similar heat dissipation materials (such as metal shield)
As a buffer for industrial machine connection, it is friction resistant and sealed.